Credit Forex Market Disadvantages

1.  Unregulated no central market, the retail FX is really the wild west of finance. There is very little regulation and no central market and Clearing Corporation. The merchants were accused of all sorts of nefarious activities against its merchants. Things like running stop the movement of fair prices to cause losses, and to traders in the successful implementation of this market manual wild and crazy. I have no experience with any of these allegations, but do not know what their losses directly enrich the dealer. A reputable, well capitalized retailer probably your best bet to avoid most of the mischief. There is also talk of a centralized market FX is based on the following 2 years, which should stop any dealer trap.
2.   Wide Bid / ask-Most retailers have extended about 3 pips for the major pairs. This means for the retail trade in the standard lot size of $ 100,000.00 is needed to pay $ 30.00. Therefore, the merchant and 3 points in the hole at the entrance to the trade. The trade must go 4 points in the right direction to make a dollar in trade. This is a great disadvantage for the day trader. The swing trader can absorb the expansion due to higher profits, but remains a major obstacle to the success of Credit Forex Marke trading. Several agents have begun offering spreads with commissions, but they are a minority.
3. The interest rate differentials or negative roll Although it may be an advantage, as the pair you trade, it is often a problem that your forced to pay interest daily to maintain your position. Some couples pay interest for you, but not all vendors allow you to collect particularly in the accounts of mini / micro. Rolls large negative cause friction, while swing trading, it is important to know your rotation policy dealers. Learn the best way to counter the adverse market. Good luck :)


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